Winter 2019-2020 Men's Show

Sensibility of couture, a spirit of now. The Dior Men’s Winter 2019-2020 collection by artistic director Kim Jones draws on the attitudes and imprints of the House of Dior’s couture heritage - shapes, techniques, materials, ethos - then reinvents them anew. alongside this continues Kim Jones’ examination of Christian Dior the man – namely, his background as a gallerist of the avant-garde of his time. it is mirrored today in a collaboration with the artist Raymond Pettibon. All become, in essence, acts of translation: from feminine to masculine, from art to fashion, from then to now. examining the past, making it speak to the future.


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  • A rectangle of spectacular proportions fully cloaked in black stood on the Plateau Joffre, at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, a universal symbol of the French capital.

    A resolutely Parisian address, it offered an echo of the haute couture inspiration behind these masculine creations. Guests were greeted by the vivid brushstrokes of Raymond Pettibon, an American contemporary artist who collaborated with Kim Jones on this Dior collection.

    In this graphic and space setting, the runway gave way to an impressive treadmill seventy-six meters long. Under a cluster of sculptural lights, the models emerged completely motionless like ancient marble statues onto a mobile runway that drew a line into infinity.

    Photo credit - Adrien Dirand


    • Stars including Naomi Campbell, Pusha T, Niels Schneider and Christina Ricci spoke to us both before and after the Winter 2019-2020 men’s show from Kim Jones.?


    • The key accessories from the Winter 2019-2020 collection in pictures.

      Photo credit - Morgan O'Donovan


    • Go behind the scenes of the Dior Men Winter 2019-2020 show.

      Photo credit - Alfredo Piola


    • The Creative Director of the men's collections discusses his ideas and inspirations, from his reinterpretation of the House’s couture heritage to his collaboration with the American contemporary artist Raymond Pettibon.


    • From the first chalk marks to the final adjustments, the assured and unchanging actions of the petites mains in the Dior menswear atelier can be discovered here in our photo report.

      Photo credit - Sophie Carre


    • Peter Philips, the Creative and Image Director of Dior makeup, shares his backstage tips on how to get the perfect men’s beauty look.